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When thinking about Dollish Wardrobe I can´t help but to relate to myself as a woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur. I love fashion very much and feel confident when wearing beautiful things. Although being a mother of five can sometimes be consuming, I believe that motherhood shouldn’t steal away time from womanhood. We should always remember that we can achieve anything and look fashionable at the same time.

Fashion should be considered as an universal language. Although everyone may like something else or has their own sense of style, one thing we have in common: we all want to feel good in our own skin. I believe that fashion can play a huge role when it comes to self-love and confidence. Dollish Wardrobe will definitely help you achieve that.

Dollish Wardrobe will make fashion accessible, affordable, fun and forward. We aim to showcase diversity and represent all sorts of beauty. Here at Dollish Wardrobe you ought to feel at ‘home’.

It is with pleasure to serve women who understand the art of fashion and aren’t afraid to be themselves at all times. We can’t wait to see you wearing one of our pieces and flaunt like the doll that you are from the inside and out.

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